pour the 40 out (hendrixlives_on) wrote in starfall_music,
pour the 40 out

Dumb da dumb dumb dumb ass

Why hello starfall

Since michael sorge is in colorado for a month and more we found a fill in drummer so we didnt have to wait our summer thinking about playing a show and regret it. We dont know if hes for sure but I heards hes good. His name is Steve Arce, if any of you altadena kids know him. We have practice with him monday and I hope it goes well for the sake of our summer shows and summer fun :).

We are trying to play with Auburn Falls aka a standstill June 15th, and we are still trying to book that june 19th show. So more shows to come. If you want to see us play we have only 1 to 2 weeks to book shwos until most of us go out of town which sucks balls and we were very unplanned. Oh well. lol.

Holla to ya peeps
We also have a new site.
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