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The Community of Starfall's Limited Amount of Fans

I love Starfall!

Starfall Community
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Robby Fronzo - Lead guitar/Background vocals
Mike Weakley - Rythem guitar/Lead vocals
Ashton Allison - Bass guitar/Background vocals
Michael Sorg - Drums

Starfall is a four piece Emorock/Indie band from Phoenix, Arizona. They look up to local Bands such as Thirte Fs, Avondale, and Scary Kids Scaring Kids. While still recording there EP, they search for a unique blend of musical performance. Starfall started out as roots from emo/punk pop bands such as Now or Never and Hard to Say. They were both alike but both bands were known as terrible wannabes. They both ended soon after they started. In end of September of 2003, Mike Weakley called up Robby Fronzo through a friend and hung out one night. Robby, seeing Mike had talent as a guitar player to himself, he knew Mike was his dream rythem guitarist. So they formed a some what band. Robby called Michael Sorg from his old band Hard to Say and told him that band was over and he found a new one. Michael did not care much and went with it. They needed a bass guitar and struggled for a month. So Mike called up former bass guitar and best friend Ashton Allison. He was excited to be apart of something he loved. Experimenting with names they found A Point in Time but they needed something more to suit there retarded reading skill ability. Starfall came to Robby through a learning website. No matter how lame it was, they thought it was awesome. Starfall mended togther through breaking bones and choaking each other. Emotions and Blends of musical songs hit the band and are recording there EP as we speak.