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pour the 40 out

Dumb da dumb dumb dumb ass

Why hello starfall

Since michael sorge is in colorado for a month and more we found a fill in drummer so we didnt have to wait our summer thinking about playing a show and regret it. We dont know if hes for sure but I heards hes good. His name is Steve Arce, if any of you altadena kids know him. We have practice with him monday and I hope it goes well for the sake of our summer shows and summer fun :).

We are trying to play with Auburn Falls aka a standstill June 15th, and we are still trying to book that june 19th show. So more shows to come. If you want to see us play we have only 1 to 2 weeks to book shwos until most of us go out of town which sucks balls and we were very unplanned. Oh well. lol.

Holla to ya peeps
We also have a new site.
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Steve rocks!!!!! I love him! He played at my house a couple weeks ago. Hes in like five bands right now, becuase hes so good and everyone wants him! Im so happy that hes playing with you guys! <3 =)
yeah well we rule and have magical powers of raw so we made him love us and now weve made up teh best song ive ever heard lol
hey mike,
the new site is awesome.
how'd practice go yesterday?
- kaylee
it kicked ass hes better than mike hahahah steve is badass n we made a new song that i love, vocals an dguitar, called "As a Denied Photo" its great, ttyl