The Suicide Pact (thesuicidepact) wrote in starfall_music,
The Suicide Pact

New stuff...

If you haven't already heard, Starfall is currently cutting most of our songs and starting to make some new ones, we have a new sound coming also, less fast and less emocore... more Indie Rock..

Our influences have really been changing, we could never get a feel for what we want.. I myself, have never been satisfied with our stuff, but hey just wait until June..

By the way.. Our upcoming shows that are closest are the following-

June 8th- Old Brickhouse w/Brookside

June 19th or 20th- Still TBA about the venue w/Blue Sky Goodbye, Avondale, and ThirteFs.

We might have shows a little bit before then, well until then, keep it in your pants.

-Robby <3
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